Social Media – A Relationship Builder

Yesterday I attended a workshop for social media put on by BWest, ideazone,com and juhli Selby.  Paul Holmes from started the show with his intro to social media. When social media came on the scene it had, what’s being used and how. Most people know about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but I was surprised by the amount of people that did not know YouTube is also a medium AND a major search engine, other than google, on the net. There of course are others – vimeo, flickr, four square… but they do not seem to pull the weight of Facebook and YouTube.


“Social Media is not an advertisement. It’s about fostering relationships.” P. Holmes


I know I am guilty of not keeping up on this. I happily signed up for a twitter account, a LinkedIn page and am still wondering about YouTube. I am not a flashy person and I do not like to brag, and I would rather meet people in person. So meeting people on twitter is a bit weird for me. The amount of spelling errors you can do on Blackberry is amazing. So how do you get started without looking like a fool? “That is what this is all about – being human”, said Juhli Selby, “You need to start somewhere.”


The thing is, with all this new media coming out, you need to stay on top of it. One either has to do it themselves, 6–10 hrs a week minimum, as Liquor Plus business owner, Rod Phillips suggested.  OR have someone on staff be in charge of your social media brand, who frees up your time to do other tasks. You really have to ensure your on top of it, as was touched on yesterday, most major corporations do not,  giving the idea of poor customer service.


The question still remains, where do you carve the time out of an eight hour work day if you’re a small business owner, sole proprietor and have little extra time on your hands with family commitments?


I guess it’s like making time for exercise in your day–you just have to do it.


Shall we Dance!


Melinda Stephenson

Alkemi creative

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