Okanagan Colourful Inspiration

There is nothing like driving through British Columbia’s Okanagan in the fall. Scenes of golden yellows, crimson reds, orange and shades of light to dark  forest greens scattering along the mountain terrain. Of course one can not forget the mist rising up the mountain we started along highway 1.

One picture perfect scene was when we were heading into a valley and a lone cloud was touching the treetops as the sun glared through above and lit up the crimson fall colours on the other side of the highway. If we could have stopped and taken a picture I am sure it would have been an award winner.

We have been lucky eating crisp tree ripened apples, sampling the local honey at the Planet Bee farm in Vernon. The delicious hot chocolate and fresh pumpkin pie at Davison Orchards added reminder of the warmth of home on a cool fall day.  We wandered about the orchards delightful heritage village, my son jumped gleefully, to and fro the pumpkin piles as we awed at the various large sized pumpkins and gourds, bursting  out their shells.

A beautiful array of colours and tastes of fall, from crisp apples to pumpkin pies, pumpkin soup and various squash side dishes. Don’t forget the wonderful wineries that spot the hillsides and tempt you with the drunkenness of fall.

The trip through the Okanagan made me want to grab my palette knife, paints and a canvass and interpret our memories. No wonder Christine Reimer, landscape artist,  loves the Okanagan in the fall!


Melinda Stephenson,

Creative, alkemi creative

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