E-Publishing or E-Pub

What is  Electronic publishing? Well in short, it is a type of publishing that does not include print. It takes the format of books on-line, on your phone, tablet or i-phone. Many publishers have been looking into this and many have already jumped into the technological genius for a few years now. Indigo Books and HarperCollins to name a few.

Most publications are latest new best sellers or classic works coming on-line. Magazines are now pouncing to the trend, Martha Stewart is a big believer in it. Many self-publishing companies are pushing the e-pub trend as well. Trafford publications -US  based, is one such company.

When a designer focuses on publishing a book for e-pub there are many things to consider, which differs from print publishing. A designer needs to have some knowledge of html, a basic understanding of reader experience and rich content on-line as compared to print and creating cohesion between books, ebooks, apps and upcoming platforms.

There are definite advantages to e-pub with faster publishing times. Of course, the cost for a finished piece is less than adding the additional printers invoice at the end of the job! And in the next few years, ebooks will account for a large increase in sales for major publishers of books and magazines as the ipad and google’s Chrome OS tablet.

As we evolve into this new world of epublishing, we must be open to a new design approach. Fortunately we have experience with print publication and will be looking forward to e-publishing. And we ready to offer this new publishing tool at alkemi creative.

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