Sobey’s Wholesale Logo

Modification of the Sobey’s Brand Logo for Sobey’s Wholesale.

Community Cash (Family Foods)

The contest has been going on for about 5 years with different variations. A customer will win some cash, and the store will win cash to donate to charity. Great contest, as the community and customer wins! The first is the Poster to hang in-store and the second is the Entry Graphic for the online […]

MacDonalds Consolidated (Sobey’s Wholesale)

Concept artwork was created to produce this Years quarterly poster and marketing material, which they call retail incentives. Which is a flyer to showcase a give-away vehicle or trip, to Stores buying product from them during the weeks of the contest.

Posters – Family Foods (Sobey’s Wholesale)

Some fun Posters for Contests in-store for Store Owners using the Family Foods Brand.


We’ve thrown ourselves into the realm of the internet and social media. We have created websites and have contracted out to assisting in design of template pages for sites as well as taking care of social media including facebook, twitter and u-tube and your basic blog. Please take a look at the following sites Private […]


Are we catching your interest yet with our logos and wordmarks?

PICES Publication 4

Just to share a few pages with you on this amazing amount of work written by McKinnel (PhD) and Dagg (PhD). View the full publication here.

Afro Diva Salon

If you had not noticed, we like to play with illustration. Afro Diva Salon gave us the go ahead to create a wonderful image for them! We have created some wonderful postcards, stationary and posters for them. Unfortunately the company has gone under, but we still find the illustration relevant.

PICES Publication 2

A publication designed to keep with the look and feel of the first publication, but also to give it’s own originality. Full version PICES Publication 2