We’ve thrown ourselves into the realm of the internet and social media. We have created websites and have contracted out to assisting in design of template pages for sites as well as taking care of social media including facebook, twitter and u-tube and your basic blog. Please take a look at the following sites Private […]


Are we catching your interest yet with our logos and wordmarks?

PICES Publication 4

Just to share a few pages with you on this amazing amount of work written by McKinnel (PhD) and Dagg (PhD). View the full publication here.

Afro Diva Salon

If you had not noticed, we like to play with illustration. Afro Diva Salon gave us the go ahead to create a wonderful image for them! We have created some wonderful postcards, stationary and posters for them. Unfortunately the company has gone under, but we still find the illustration relevant.

PICES Publication 2

A publication designed to keep with the look and feel of the first publication, but also to give it’s own originality. Full version PICES Publication 2

Barton Leier

We were fortunate enough to work with two amazing and wonderful artists on their catalog for a show in September 2009! These are two artists you must meet! Drive up to their studio, see the garden and gallery shop. Barton & Leier Gallery

City of Victoria

We have been lucky enough to work with the City of Victoria on the Active Living Guide for 2010 both Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter Guides for the past 3 years and onto the 4th. You can view the latest issues on-line. Though we were involved in the some of the suggestions for the cover design, we […]

Publications – University of Victoria

These are some examples of publications and Advertisements we have done. We work within a given template, but manage to keep it creative!

Research Publication UVIC - Fastlane

PICES Projects

We would like to share some of the projects we have been working on in the past years with the North Pacific Marine Organization. For more information on PICES please visit PICES.int